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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Baby Shoe Nests ... Now Listed In My Etsy Shop

Hello my dear friends,

this will be just a very short post because it is my daughter Caylagh's 13th birthday today. Unfortunately I was not able to finish her Union Jack quilt in time but she is so sweet and understands. (My fingers are very sore!) But ... I will be done with it in the next few days and then I will share photos from Caylagh's birthday and my finished quilt too.

I also wanted you to know that I have just listed my four baby shoe nest creations in my Etsy shop.
If you wish, why not stop by my shop and take a look at them.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Happy Birthday! And all the best wishes :)
    From Switzerland

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet teen! Enjoy your day! I'm off to look at Etsy!

  3. These shoe nests are so sweet. Love 'em.

    Happy Birthday Caylagh - welcome to the wonderful world of being a teen. Many wonderful experiences lay ahead for you. And you have a talented mama for guidance.

    Judy, Cornerstone Quilts & More